👋Welcome to AuditBase!

AuditBase is the #1 code scanner for Solidity. Automatically generate smart contract audit reports in minutes. With us, you're not just running scans; you're securing peace of mind.

This guide is your personal roadmap to mastering AuditBase. Our goal is to help you automatically generate high-quality audit reports for Solidity code. These instructions will show you how to do that from start to finish.

AuditBase is equipped with over 500 detectors, each designed to pinpoint specific areas of concern.

Curious about some of our most frequently used detectors? Take a moment to explore at detectors.auditbase.com and dive deeper into what makes AuditBase your ultimate code scanning companion.

Note: Our support team is available to answer questions in the chat widget in our application. If you have an urgent need, please reach out to support@auditbase.com.


AuditBase ("the Software") is provided "as is," without warranty of any kind, and is used at your own risk. It performs automatic audits of solidity smart contracts, but we make no guarantees regarding its ability to identify all issues or vulnerabilities. The Software is not infallible and should not be your only means of verifying the security of your contracts.

We, our affiliates, or licensors, are not liable for any damages or losses related to your use of the Software or its results. By using the Software, you agree not to hold us responsible for any claim, liability, or cost arising from its use or findings.

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